From Individual to Studio, we've got you covered


$ 0 00
Forever free for individuals
...because we believe artists
should not need pay for creating
non-commercial work!

Free includes
all of these features:

  • 1 Account Member
  • 1 Project
  • 1 GB Data
  • 5 uploads per week
  • 300MB File Size Limit
  • unlimited Reviewers


Early Bird Special!
regular price: $15
$ 8 00
Perfect for small studios or freelancers working with clients!

Starter includes:
Everything in Free and:

  • 3 Account Members
  • 5 Projects
  • 10 GB Data
  • unlimited uploads
  • private, secured videos


Early Bird Special!
regular price: $75
$ 45 00
Best deal! Get the full feature set for your team!

Pro includes:
Everything in Starter and:

  • 15 Account Members
  • 20 Projects
  • 50 GB Data


Integrate SyncSketch on your website, or studio. We offer customized plans for large studios and schools!

XL includes:
Everything in Pro and:

  • ∞ Account Members
  • ∞ Projects
  • 1TB Data

all free and paid accounts provide ...

  • unlimited external reviewers
  • a powerful review toolset
  • toolset embeddable in other sites
  • permission managment
  • synchronized, realtime sessions
  • high speed servers
  • impeccable uptimes
  • zero advertising
  • advanced review and media management
  • free email support and forums
  • documentation and tutorials
  • student and educational discounts

Pricing FAQ

So... you're telling me SyncSketch is free?

Yes! In fact we offer our free users quite a sweet deal: besides the immediate upload and review option via our playground, you now have additional benefits if you sign up for a free account: Keep all your files in one place - and send entire playlists to any number of peers for review, or even gather feedback on forums and websites.
Take advantage of our full project management and review tools and keep a history of your media and annotations.

Do you have a trial period for your paid plans?

Of course! Try any account free of charge for the first 21 days.

What is the difference between Account Members and Reviewers?

On SyncSketch, an Account Member is a member of your organization. Depending on the permissions you assign, each member can access and upload media, create projects, reviews, and manage teams media. Each account offers different member limits.

Reviewers and Viewers are collaborators who work with you from outside of your organization, such as clients or guests. Even in our free account, you can invite an unlimited number of them, and they only see what you share with them. As the name implies, Viewers can only view, while Reviewers can comment and annotate your media files.

Can I use SyncSketch in my school?

Absolutely. In fact, a large section of our user base is based in education, and we have polished the tool to work seamlessly in an educational context.
If you haven't already, sign up for a free trial at any time. If things feel right, we are happy to talk about for educational discounts and customized plans with you!

I am an independent non-commercial artist and would like to use SyncSketch for a project of mine. Do you offer free/discounted plans?

We do! Get in touch with us and we'll try to make this work : )

Can I easily cancel my account?

Account management is very easy in SyncSketch. Inside the Account page you can easily upgrade or cancel your subscription. Previous payments will be prorated and refunded to your credit card.

General FAQ

Who can use SyncSketch?

SyncSketch is for anyone who values simple but efficient visual collaboration. Animation studios, media agencies, educators and students alike will find that SyncSketch is the piece that was so sorely missing in visual online communication.

What browser should I be using?

SyncSketch uses cutting edge technology to ensure the best experience. To provide our full feature set, we support the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. For optimal performance please keep your browser up to date.

What about security?

SyncSketch uses the latest SSL security from Amazon and every request is secure: Uploading, sharing, commenting and even our synchronization server is encrypted, so you can be sure your data is safe.

Does SyncSketch have permissions?

SyncSketch accounts have permissions to fine tune who can upload, review, view and administrate your projects. Using permissions gives everyone the piece of mind that files are not accidentally deleted and feedback can e.g. restricted to instructors, directors or leads.

Can I use SyncSketch in my site, my platform or a forum?

We have developed an embedded player to allow you to post a commented version of your reel on your own homepage or if you want to get feedback on your latest animation in a forum. SyncSketch also has an API if you really want to get fancy and automate your review process for your film or in your studio. We are also working on a "local" version using docker. Get in touch if you want to know more...

Does SyncSketch offer an API - so media can be uploaded automatically?

Yes, SyncSketch also has an API if you really want to automate your review process for your school or studio. We are also working on a "local" version using docker. Get in touch if you want to know more, or look up our API Documentation .

How much does SyncSketch cost?

SyncSketch is for free for any artists who want to get occasional feedback on their work. If you work with larger teams or projects, have a look at our paid plans for larger schools and studios who store lots of files and manage bigger projects.