The Mission

We know how tricky it can be to communicate visual ideas across the web. There needs to be a solution which is fast, easy to use and preferably for free. And this is the problem that SyncSketch is trying to solve. We work on this project in our spare time and are excited and brimming with ideas to make syncsketch a better place for artists and our community.

Contact us at contact (at) syncsketch (dot) com

The Team


The Designer

As a technical director and animator, Bernhard designed this tool based on the needs of professional artists. The idea for SyncSketch originated, when Bernhard needed to teach animation skills.

If you have ideas on how SyncSketch could look and feel better or have questions about the roadmap, get in touch!


The Coder

Phil is the technical brain behind SyncSketch. He spends a lot of time making sure SyncSketch is robust, secure and a fun tool to use.

If you find any hiccups, don't grind your teeth. Just send a quick note with some encouraging words and most likely it'll be fixed within days.